HOA Boards, What You need to Know but Weren’t Told, Book Cover is in Design Stage

HOA Boards, What You need to Know, but Weren't Told, cover in design stage

The book cover for our book, "HOA Boards, What You Need to Know but Weren't Told", that was previously shown on Amazon was a temporary cover. In order to do the advance listing on Amazon, a cover was required. Since the cover was in design stage we had to do a quick cover and submit that.

The design for the front cover has been completed, and this is the front cover photo.

HOA Boards book
Front book cover photo for "HOA Boards, What You Need to Know but Weren't Told

Update August 20, 2017

We're in the second stage of the book cover design now. Our book cover graphic designer, Jason Orr of Jera Publishing did a great job of taking our input and running with them to create more design concepts.

We settled on the front cover and now need to complete the back and spline .

However, before the back and spline can be completed, the interior design of the HOA Boards book must be completed so the page count is known.

Without knowing the exact page count, which will depend on the interior design, the spline cannot be designed.

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1 thought on “HOA Boards, What You need to Know but Weren’t Told, Book Cover is in Design Stage”

  1. Just a follow up to the book cover design info. I received, and really appreciate, a lot of input from friends and family. The consensus was design number 1 which was a simple name of the book at the top, a light bulb with a question mark in the center, the sub title under the bulb, and the author name at the bottom. So, I chose that base design and asked the designer to do something with the colors to make the cover pop. He should be able to do that on Monday, so it’s a possibility that we could have a complete cover design by the end of next week.

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