Author, Captain Bill Travis

Bill Travis


Bill Travis has a combined fifteen years’ experience as an HOA board member, and has served in every officer capacity, including Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of an HOA sub-association in Arizona for twelve years, and has served on an HOA master association for three years.

He was a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians for two years prior to dropping the membership because of his workload.

Bill had a 35 year career as an international airline pilot for Pan Am. He flew the Boeing 747, the Airbus A300 and A310 prior to retiring from aviation in 1991.

In 2013 he wrote and self-published his first book titled, “Pan Am Captain, Aiming High”. The book contains a memoir, a brief history of Pan Am, some of his flying experiences, and is also a motivational book dealing with goal setting and visualization.

While serving on HOA boards, he became educated in HOA operation by attending classes hosted at local colleges, and reading what books were available on the subject. He realized that many associations do not provide board member training and don’t make an effort to have board members get educated in HOA operations. Consequently, many board members do not sufficiently understand their HOA’s governing documents or the Arizona Statutes that govern non-profit corporations and planned communities, though they should have a working knowledge of both.

The lack of knowledge of the state laws, governing documents, parliamentary procedure and meeting decorum is one cause of so much conflict on boards, and between HOA boards and their association members. Some instructors of HOA classes believe the problems of runaway boards and rogue directors could be eliminated if all directors were required to have some education in HOA operation.

Consequently, Bill decided to write this HOA guide book, “HOA Boards, What You Need to Know but Weren’t Told” with the hope that all who read it will have a better understanding of HOA operation.

HOA Boards, What You Need to Know but Weren't Told

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