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HOA Boards, What You Need to Know but Weren't Told


Whether you are lobbying for change or want to serve on your Home Owner Association board of directors, this book is a must read.  It's rich in content and its' resources provide a great understanding as to the hierarchy of state laws and their relationship with the HOA’s CC&R's, and how those relationships affect a board members ability to serve and make educated decisions. As a Realtor for 22 years I see a push-pull relationship between homeowners and HOA boards.  Many conflicts could be resolved by both parties taking a greater interest in their understanding of the laws and community rules.  This book is a well written educational piece that can be read cover to cover, or can be used for a law or subject specific resource.

Kristine Devine
Realty One Group
Gilbert, AZ

This is a must read for every director serving on the Board of an Arizona Home Owners Association. HOA conflicts are emotional - they involve our homes and neighbors - therefore, we treat those subjects with significant importance in our everyday life. This book presents several compelling subjects, but most importantly, it takes us on a tour of effective listening and compromise skills. Those skills can help us to navigate through emotionally laden rough waters. The book is also a comprehensive guide to the technicalities of serving as a director on an HOA board.

Jonathan Olcott, Esq.
Philip Brown | Jonathan Olcott, PLLC
Phoenix, AZ

Having served on a Board of Directors of a Home Owners Association for over 20 years, I have held every position at some point during my tenure on the Board, and headed up numerous committees. I have served with Bill Travis for more than 10 years and found his knowledge and insight to be invaluable. He has managed to bring his years of experience together in this book to provide his readers with the framework for becoming a Director and serving on an HOA Board. Anyone who currently serves on a Board will find reading this book a necessity and great resource material.

Jim Speer
HOA Board President

As a former HOA board member, so many of the sections of this guide ring true to me. The director position is fraught with risk and liability, but only when a board is either uneducated or distracted. I had the pleasure of serving with many competent board members, and realize what a plus that is. I'd recommend to any HOA board member taking this guide and devouring it as soon as possible after election. It will be your friend and counselor.

Marci Johnson
Business Owner and Former HOA Board Member

As a Home owner and working with the HOA at times, this book is Eye opening. It’s surprising how much info is in this book, and how important it is to have this knowledge to properly make decisions for the entire community. Makes you appreciate what our board members have to deal with. This also shows me how important it is to know who you’re voting for. I recommend all homeowners read this book to better educate yourself before making complaints.

Bill Freitag


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Pan Am Captain, Aiming High


PAN AM CAPTAIN: AIMING HIGH  is an adventure story wrapped inside a memoir.  Here is a slice of aviation history viewed through the eyes of Pan Am captain Bill Travis.  The author takes you on a personal journey, coming up the hard way, joining the great Pan Am at the peak of its glory days, living through the airline's slow descent to extinction, making the most of each new situation.  Captain Travis is good company for this journey, not just for the plethora of anecdotes and personal history, but also for what you'll learn about the skills of visualization and goal setting.  This is a great ride, informative and entertaining.  You'll be glad you took the trip.”

Robert Gandt, Author of SKYGODS: The Fall of Pan Am


“Bill Travis brings life to the famous song ‘Come Fly With Me’ by taking the reader along on his many flights with Pan Am. His words beautifully encourage the reader to pursue their personal dream with visualization as a positive partner in that pursuit. You will “want more” from this talented writer who will motivate you to also aim high.”
Claire K. Connelly, Author


“Every air-mile of Captain Travis' book is a delight - it is a verbal ‘Route 66’ of memories, personalities, places, and the people we've known.  It's not just a Pan Am story though -- it is an airline story, a musician's story, an Everyman's tale of individual effort and perseverance ... truly an inspiration!  Thank you!!”

Paula Helfrich (Author:  FLYING - A NOVEL with Rebecca Sprecher)

“I found the book both informative and inspirational, not to mention very well written. I particularly appreciate the underlying message that having a dream isn't enough, that it takes work and perseverance to achieve one's goals. I think your message is especially important in an era in which there seems to be a growing sense of entitlement. I also enjoyed your accounts of encounters with celebrities and your confrontations with troublesome passengers.”
Geoffrey L. Gomes


Pan Am Captain, Aiming High is a story told with love – love of family, love of fellow colleagues, love of careers pursued. Each chapter exudes Bill's care and concern for the many people in his life who assisted him along his career paths. It is evident on each page that Bill told his story in such an enthralling way because he was blessed throughout his life by the vast experiences his jobs afforded him.

He set out to do what he felt he had to do to be successful and attain his goals. No obstacle was going to be insurmountable no matter how long it took him to reach his goal. Bill Travis tells his life story in an enjoyable, warm style with page after page of interesting and often exciting moments. Through dedication to doing the best job possible, Bill describes the importance of seeing or visualizing whatever path he was to embark upon.

This story is solid in its story line and can be inspirational for anyone of any age, especially if pursuing a dream is a goal.”
Susan Anderson, Teacher


Pan Am Captain Aiming High is a very interesting read and held my attention throughout.  I have a son whose goal in high school was to become an airline pilot. His aviation career path was similar to that of Bill Travis' and he achieved that goal and is presently a captain for a major U.S. airline.   Having been a former private pilot myself, I had a good understanding of the aviation flight procedures for the various flights that Bill so aptly described.  It was almost like being along for the rides.  The methodology, which Bill emphasized … of visualizing and persevering to achieve his career goals … should be effective for just about any career goal that a person might strive for and, hopefully, this book will encourage and influence its readers in achieving their own goals.”

Flora ("Flo") Davis


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