"Pan Am Captain, Aiming High"

Hear from the cockpit of a Pan Am Boeing 747 what really goes on behind the scenes: the banter, the problem passengers, the celebrities, the scary moments.

Take a flight with Captain Bill Travis. From Tennessee farm boy to high school dropout working in the Detroit car factories, to professional pilot and captain for Pan Am. This is not a story of how one man got lucky and achieved his dream; Bill had a method, and in this book he shares it with the reader, alongside the fascinating story of his life.

Through positive thinking, visualization, goal setting, and sheer hard work, Bill literally aimed for the skies, and as a result spent 35 years flying all over the world with the world’s most glamorous airline. Bill said you can equate your subconscious mind to an airliners’ “Flight Management System”. That is the navigation system where the pilot inputs the destination, and the FMS guides the airplane on the path to the destination. Your subconscious mind works in the same manner. You just have to program it properly.

Captain Bill shares the secrets of his success; a success that continues to this day. Not a man to slow down, Bill followed up his piloting with a career as a professional musician, running his own 17-piece dance orchestra in San Francisco, then founded his own real estate brokerage company, Captain Bill Realty, in Gilbert AZ. His next goal is to compete in a bodybuilding Physique Division contest in 2014, at the age of 80. Then he plans to become a Motivational Speaker to help others become more productive and achieve their dreams. You can achieve your goals too. As Captain Bill explains, “You must keep “Aiming High.”

PAN AM CAPTAIN: AIMING HIGH"  is an adventure story wrapped inside a memoir.  Here is a slice of aviation history viewed through the eyes of Pan Am captain Bill Travis.  The author takes you on a personal journey, coming up the hard way, joining the great Pan Am at the peak of its glory days, living through the airline's slow descent to extinction, making the most of each new situation.  Captain Travis is good company for this journey, not just for the plethora of anecdotes and personal history, but also for what you'll learn about the skills of visualization and goal setting.  This is a great ride, informative and entertaining.  You'll be glad you took the trip.”
Robert Gandt, Author of SKYGODS: The Fall of Pan Am

Captain Bill Travis

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Pan Am was once the most prestigious airline in the world, and their pioneering of world wide routes helped to shape the future of aviation and connect the world. The most famous people in the world flew Pan Am in its heyday, and with the advent of the Boeing 747, Juan Trippe, the founder of Pan Am provided lower cost airline seats so that everyone could afford to fly.